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Chub fishing

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#1 Guest_John Weddup_*

Guest_John Weddup_*
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Posted 13 February 2000 - 04:49 AM

I am really enjoying my chub fishing at the moment although fishing mainly lobworm I also catch some cracking perch roach and bream. I am fishing the upper reaches of the Suffolk Stour its about 15 ft wide with shallows and deeper bends. Could anyone help with suggestions of their favourite chub bait.My previous letters have been replied too with very helpfull responses to wich I thank you all.

#2 Guest_Steve Burke_*

Guest_Steve Burke_*
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Posted 13 February 2000 - 05:15 AM

Have you tried whitebait? I too have fished many small streams and keep having my arms twisted to write a book on the subject. Trouble is someone called Elton keeps me too busy.....

Seriously though, way back in 1979 (gosh is it that long ago!) I fished a 15ft wide stream called the Hammer Stream, which was a tributary of the Beult which in turn ran into the Medway. I spent many a day that close season feeding a shoal of fished for chub a variety of baits, both tradidional and unconventional. The one that really got them going was whitebait. More importantly, the big girls would bully the smaller fish out of the way to get at the whitebait first. In fact "Chub on Whitebait" was the first magazine article I ever had published and it was eventually put into the Chub Study Group's book. If anyone's interested I'll try and persuade my wife, Peggy, to type it out and I'll send it to Elton.

I've also mentioned whitebait and how to fish it in 2 of the articles that are already in Anglers' Net, "Fishing Frozen Rivers" and "5lb Roach or More on Deadbaits".

BTW John, are you getting any of the big perch that far up the Stour? I've a couple of friends who did well with them lower down, and the Suffolk Stour of course once held the perch record with a fish of 5lbs 15 ozs 6drams until it got struck off for insufficient evidence.

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#3 Guest_Graham E_*

Guest_Graham E_*
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Posted 15 February 2000 - 01:13 AM

Hi John.

This may be boring but this time of year using either a cage feeder filled with mashed bread and a large piece on flake on the hook will really sort out the better fish. If you want to be more active, feed mashed bread and then working downstream trot with a large chubber or stick.
If you fished, say Severals on the Hants Avon now like this you would be very likely to catch 7/8 chub up to 6lb in a day.
This week in 3 hours I managed 5 chub(up to 4.6 and 3 bream (a big 8lb) on the (fishless!!!)Thames at Henley.
If you want to try something different try pickled ( yes, honest) cockles. A friend had 4 Barbel (to 11.4)and 3 chub last week and the beauty is that when you say pickled cockles no one believes you.
Last bit of info for those bothering to read this far.
The St Patricks Stream barbel record fell this week to a........14.13 fish. over 1lb more than the old record.

#4 Guest_oliver g_*

Guest_oliver g_*
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Posted 15 February 2000 - 01:40 AM

id go with the bread & mash too..........9out of 10 chub prefer it you know!!dont be scared to use big hooks though,size 10+ ifind very effective with it

#5 Guest_Steve Burke_*

Guest_Steve Burke_*
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Posted 15 February 2000 - 04:59 AM


Alex Kirk posted on uk.rec.fishing.coarse on Saturday that he had a JW Avon Quiver with screw reel seat for sale. He's asking only 50 for the rod and a Shimano 4010 Baitrunner and spare spool. I'm e-mailed him a similar message about you looking for the rod.

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