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Sea angling/ conservation

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#1 Guest_spasor_*

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Posted 23 February 2000 - 05:10 AM

I fail to see why? When all sea anglers are facing the same problems. That people have to divide our sport? I have seen in the past few weeks, gripes from the Welsh branch of the NFSA directed back to the aggrieved individual because his complaint originated from somewhere outside his area?
Like most of you. I send my cheque, get my diary, show my sticker in the back window, try to get all the pub moaners on board?
Then what do I see in a national fishing paper? A gripe!! From a sea angler!!
The gripe exscapes me. But the fact that the NFSA directed this person back to his region is not on !!! If he`s a complete plonker? Then tell him so !!
Or if it`s a case of treading on toes? Which I rather think it was, maybe the whole structure of the NFSA needs changing? We have many long serving members that deserve nothing but praise for their efforts on our behalf. However, there are some with the attitude `I was here before you, so **** off`!! I wish they would go play bowls!!!

#2 Guest_spasor_*

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Posted 29 February 2000 - 05:34 AM

You wrote last time about all the officials in different organisations having their slippers under the table? None of them wanting to relinquish their little bit of local glory? Well we in the Tennis world have seen the same thing today at Wimbledon!!
The LTA have sacked the Davis Cup team captain because he claimed they were not doing their jobs? Of course this has nothing to do with members of the WFSA, EFSA and NFSA comittee members, not wanting to whittle down their numbers and positions in order to have the `1` voice for fishing? That might actually carry some weight?
I`ve been on 2 boats and 11 beaches so far this year? I`ve not had what you could call a decent days fishing !! I`ve only pulled in 3 fish that I would normally have taken home, but now feel obliged to put back!
If you feel at home dragging up strap congers, 5lb Ling, 4lb Pollack? Pull in a 2lb bass, 1/2lb plaice or 6ins dab and tell your mates you`ve been out catching?
Well, I reckon you belong to the rest of this so called conservation group who have missed every opportunity to make an impression!!
You`ve made as much of an impression as a gnat landing on semi-dry concrete!!
I wish you well, but fear that you only want to see your postings appear on the net!!!!!
At least I`ve been in touch with MAFF, actually putting forwards our issues! Much to all your horrors, I`ve been proposing a 12 license, with the conviscation of all tackle being used by any miscreant!!
Well? If you joined the NFSA you would be able to argue against me? Might even save you from having your car confiscated for poaching??