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taking a dunk

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#61 Neil



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Posted 22 October 2006 - 07:33 AM

Excellent test....did your brother have a wading belt on ?
As a fly fisher for many years, the one thing you must wear when in waders is a wading belt, it can slow the amount of water that enters them when you go under ....seen quite a few people stumble while wading, and a couple that have gone under while wading deep. The wearing of a wading belt stops the sudden rush of water into them, you still get wet though.
On some of the US sites they recomend waders for Kayaking , both neo and breathable, if used with two belts and a good dry top.
Dave :)

Hi Dave,

No he did not have a belt on either. The waders were a good fit though. Not like some of the baggy oversized RT ones that are on the market. I think if using the waders at sea, as you say,the belt would be a must. He also had his waders over the top of the Cag just to make it as fair a test as possible. Worn correctly it would be even better I would think. One other point, but something I would not recomend trying, is that he was not wearing a life jacket :nono: .It was just taken off for the test. There were 3 other Kayaks floating behind the camera for saftey as well. The bouyancy of the waders kept him afloat in the water without any assistance. :thumbs:


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#62 Zzippy



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Posted 22 October 2006 - 08:10 AM

How did I miss this post over the last week!!!!
Great re-entry with Waders on :thumbs:
Last year(April) I tried my 5mm Diving suit,but had to go in the water to cool off I got way to hot in it.Then last winter I used my Farmer Johns with Gortex over trousers and a warm wind proof smock.That worked ok,as long as I stayed in the Kayak.
Then I used my Chest waders in Poole Harbour.I was warm as toast with them on.But I never tried the re-entry with them on.
But now I have the Dry suit there is no Turning back for me.I may still use the Chest Waders for Harbour use.

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Posted 22 October 2006 - 08:35 AM

Hi Neil

Nice reentry. Were the waders flooded?

As well as dispelling the wader myth, the clip also demonstrates how to rentry on a Scupper Pro.

Jerseyram take note :bigemo_harabe_net-163: :bigemo_harabe_net-163:

SDD~~~~~~~~ :sun:

I agree great trial and conclusion as such i enclose a slice pie for those who wish to eat some.

I will have a good ol piece of that., and if Captains Organ is looking........... NICE ONE :)

Let me be the first to be big and ugly enough to say you were 100% right :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

SDD~~~~~~~ :sun:

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Posted 22 October 2006 - 01:44 PM

[quote name='Zzippy' date='Oct 22 2006, 09:10 AM' post='684568
But now I have the Dry suit there is no Turning back for me.

me either---

but each to their own :yeah:
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#65 SeaDooDavid



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Posted 22 October 2006 - 01:45 PM

Niel and Brother,

Thanks for posting that clip, got to hand it you guy's - you have balls.

Sdd and SJJ,

Thanks for the kind words - but everyone is allowed their own opinion (not always right - but their own non the less) :blink:

All the best

Absolutely mate :yeah:

SDD~~~~~ :sun: