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Posted by Blank , 22 April 2006 · 183 views

...I'm back!It's been a while...plenty of coursework, days at work, and plenty of blanks!!Finally managed my first carp of 2006 just a couple of weeks ago, weighing in at just a couple of pounds, followed by another of a similar size.My first carp of 2006The fish was taken on a local 'runs water' whilst I took a guest. Incident...


January Blank

Posted by Blank , 31 January 2006 · 175 views

The unfortunate, has become reality, a blank on the Surafce Challenge for January   I tried more than half a dozen times over the month to try and sneak one; and have had fish feeding on the surface within just a few feet away from me, but have not succeeded in hooking and landing one, on rod and line.Ah well, now for the first fish of 2006 challenge!  


Biddulph Blank

Posted by Blank , 16 January 2006 · 175 views

Myself and Steve Baker planned another session to Biddulph Grange on Sunday 15th January 2006, in the hope of catching my first carp of 2006, and Steve in the hope of fulfilling his target; to catch the venue biggie known as "Willy".The on the day previous to our session on the lake, the weather was mild clear blue skies combined with mild night-t...


The Blank Goes On...

Posted by Blank , 10 January 2006 · 169 views

After my surface attempt was failed, I was determind to try and catch my first carp of 2006, on Sunday 8th January.I decided that my best bet for a fish would be a local 'runs water' which holds carp upto around 13lb.The conditions were quite cold and overcast with what i considered low light levels and chilling easterly wind. The water is usually...


That Takes the Biscuit!

Posted by Blank , 04 January 2006 · 312 views

I tried to knock January of the list for the Surface Fishing Challenge today.The weather was cloudy, with little wind. Water temperature was cold due to it being frozen two days earlier, and an air temperature of 5 degrees. I cycled to the venue and scattered a liberal amount of dog biscuits in each of the four bays of the lake, in the hope of getting the...


Biddulph Blank

Posted by Blank , 03 January 2006 · 126 views

I ventured out to a totally new venue today. Had never before seen, let alone fished the venue in question, Biddulph Grange.I arranged the session with a mate, and both myself and Steve Baker arrived at the venue by around 9.00am.Upon arrival we noticed that around three-quarters of the lake was frozen. Fortunately, an area around the inlet was free; and...



Posted by Blank , 02 January 2006 · 110 views

Intended to fish a pit local to my home today, for both Carp and Roach.Armed with a pair of Carp rods, float rod, and a bag of dog biscuits for the Surface Challenge, plus other tackle, I walked to the venue in question.The walk is probably just under a mile, although it felt like a hundred miles as my tackle bag dug into my shoulder during the journey...


F F F Freezing!

Posted by Blank , 26 December 2005 · 107 views

Boxing Day... Thought I would go and catch myself a Christmas Carp  Arrived at the venue at 2.00pm, knowing that I would have to be off at dusk, around 4.30pm. My plan of attack being a pair of carp rods, and a float rod, in the hope of trying to tempt either a carp, or one of the large roach that reside in the local venue.I opted for a peg that had a tig...


Brief Surface Fishing Session In December

Posted by Blank , 11 December 2005 · 106 views

Went stalking for an hour today after work. Had seen the forecast mild temperatures in the week, and was gagging to get fishing as I neared the end of my day at work.I arrived at a local pit at 3.15pm, and was packed up by 4.30pm. Firstly, I walked around and scattered a few dog biscuits in each of the four bays. It took a long time for the fish to come u...


December Surface Capture

Posted by Blank , 07 December 2005 · 108 views

I managed to sneak an hour session in on a local pit on Sunday (December 4th) afternoon. When I arrived i walked round the lake, which basically consists of the main body of the lake with an island, and then four small bays in each corner. I walked around and scattered a few freebie dog biscuits in all of the bays and set up ready for action. The fish cam...

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