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Atlantic Salmon: A Life On The Edge

This DVD is quite simply stunning. It tells the story, or rather follows the life cycle of the Wild Atlantic Salmon and follows its journey from the sea back up through the unique Fhorsa river system in Uig on the Isle of Lewis. Every catch and take filmed is real, it is like a fly on the wall documentary in many ways but one where the fish are the stars, and each fish banked makes you want to get of the sofa and grab your rods.

It’s as much about natural history on this beautiful island as it is about the fishing, either way it will prove a fantastic addition to any angler’s collection. Available on DVD Format, at £19.99 including delivery anywhere in UK.

For more info visit:


Lineaeffe Thunder LED Headlamp - £14.95

Ultra lightweight waterproof LED Headlamp from Lineaeffe of Italy. Weighing in at only 70gms, and fitted with three pure light LEDs.

 Takes 3 AAA batteries. Static beam with wraparound adjustable head strap. Very compact and lightweight – no heavy battery packs to weigh you down!

 Available online from Tackle Bargains


Fishrite Glug & Soak Case (FR152) - £15.99

What can I say about this item that hasn’t already been said – Quality Product! One of Fishrite’s top sellers during 2002 – tough outer case with detachable Velcro dividers, so you can store 2, 4, or 6 pots. Constructed out of the normal Fishrite heavy-duty green material with additional internal lining. A zip runs around the edge, finished with a stitched carry handle. An excellent buy!

 Available online from Fishrite 


Polarized Glasses & Carry Case - £17.45

Polarized Glasses & Carry Case - £17.45OK, maybe not the best time of year to be buying shades, but no serious angler should be without them. Essential for finding the fish on those bright days, and what’s more, they look really cool! 

The frames are available in; blue, grey, or white, and the lenses in; smoke, brown, or mirror. The glasses can be purchased alone for £14.95, or £17.45 with the handy carrying case, which will keep them out of harms way whilst in the tackle bag. The case can also be purchased separately for £3.95. 

The glasses also come with a micro-fibre cloth and slip-on retainer cord.
(November, 2002)

Clever Claw - £14.99

Clever Claw - £19.99This unique little gadget is a real boon for pole anglers, allowing them to keep the pole shipped out whilst doing all those other little tasks; pouring a drink, tying a hook length, preparing bait, catapulting out, etc. It also takes all the weight off the pole whilst fishing so you can happily fish a 16-metre pole all day long without one twinge of the back muscles! 

Inventor Nick Palmer came up with the concept after he struggled to fish the pole after a nasty back operation. The concept couldn’t be simpler; the Clever Claw can fit onto standard bank sticks, and once set, the rod or pole stays put - until you need to strike that is. By simply dropping the but of the rod or pole Clever Claw releases allowing you to strike. 

It can take a couple of sessions to get used to, though Real Ideas even supply a demo video with the product to ensure you get the best out of your purchase, which shows Four Times World Champion Bob Nudd, and 2002 Fish 'O' Mania Champion Nathan Watson getting the best out of Clever Claw. 

Available from Real Ideas

Tel: 01572 737823
(November, 2002)

Signed David Miller Prints - £19.95 upwards

Signed David Miller Prints - £19.95 upwardsI’ve seen a selection of these prints first hand, and to put it simply, they are stunning! Excellent detail and use of colour; my particular favorite is the pike print, though all are equally impressive! 

Others available include; sea trout, perch, otter, and limited edition salmon Print.
(November, 2002)

Fishrite All Dry Bivi Slippers - £14.99

Fishrite All Dry Bivi Slippers - £14.99Winter sessions are not the time to be getting wet and cold feet, so these new bivi slippers from Fishrite will keep your feet clean and dry through every session.  Excellent grip and comfort, made to the high standards we’ve come to expect from Fishrite.

Available in olive green, sizes; 7/8 9/10 11/12.

See Anglers’ Net review of this item here.

Available online from Fishrite

Tel: 01942 261808
(November, 2002)

Top Line 1000m Spool - £11.49 – £14.99

Top Line 1000m Spool - £11.49 – £14.99For those who give winter fishing a miss, now’s the time to re-spool and prepare for spring! I’ve been using Top Line all season, at first alongside my preferred brand, but it soon proved better, so all rods were then spooled up with 0.30mm 16lb Top Line, which lessened my previous diameter by 0.05mm yet increased the breaking strain by nearly 4lb!

Easier distance casting and improved strength – winner!

Available from selected stockists, for more info contact Hahl Extrusions;

Tel: 01388 661818
(November, 2002)

Carp / Trout Engraved Zippo lighter - £19.95

Carp / Trout Engraved Zippo lighter - £19.95Quality engraved Zippo lighters, featuring either carp or trout motif.

Tel: 01874 636591
(November, 2002)

Dawson’s Fish Alert - £15.99

Dawson’s Fish Alert - £15.99This unique bite indicator is ideal for shore and boat fishing, and could easily be adapted to suit many types fishing on still waters. Fish Alert consists of a heavy-duty rod holder with a tilt device for registering bites. Once the rod has been placed into the holder you simply take up the slack line, adjust the tensioner to suit the fishing conditions, and then just sit back and relax..!! 

When a fish takes the bait the device tilts against the tensioner sounding the alarm, there’s also an orange light fitted to the top of the Fish Alert for night fishing.  

Available online from Barra Fishing Tackle;


Framed vintage fly reels - £14.95

Framed vintage fly reels - £14.95Ideal gift for the fly-fisherman, with prints for both trout and salmon available. Mahogony boxed frame measuring; 9inches x 11inches x 2inches.

Tel: 01874 636591
(November, 2002)


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