Angel of the North Fishing Lakes

Sunday 12th March 2011 open Lookout
Conditions: - cloudy, ambient temp 6 deg, wind calm then SSE3 mph, barometer 995 mb, moon phase first quarter, DO 12.8, Water temp 5.7 deg, Ph 7.29, MV18

1st Dave Pearson 57lb 10oz peg 16aa all carp
2nd Chris Gowling 33lb Peg 23
3rd Geoff Lincoln 25lb 4oz peg 1
4th Graham Skirrey 25lb 1oz peg 5
5th Gaz Malman 23lb 13oz peg 9 6th Dave Jackson 22lb 11oz peg 2

Wed 9th March 2011 open Lookout
Conditions: - A day of wind, rain, sleet, snow and even blue sky, ambient temp 4 deg feels like –3, humidity 87%, wind W 20 mph, barometer 1005.1mb, moon phase waxing crescent, water temp 4.6, Ph 8.20, DO 14.8 ppm, mv 74

1st Richard Wildman 30lb 4oz peg 24 lots of tench
2nd Graham Skirrey 19lb 9oz peg 30
3rd Ted Hudson 17lb 9oz peg 1
4th Ricky Bennett 14lb 2oz peg 25
5th Alan Mc Guire 7lb 14oz peg 15
6th Ray Wallace 7lb 11oz peg 16aa

Considering the weather we had this week, the lakes are fishing well, carp speeding up and feeding, all silvers feeding up getting ready for spawning, some great bream out, crucians feeding up, excellent rudd, roach Orfe, ide, and tench all being caught.