Another first for the angling world from Bait-Tech – PARTICLE MIX and SUPER SEED pouches!


The best just gets better!

Innovation, not imitation, is key at Bait-Tech. We pride ourselves on forward thinking in all we do and this new product is one such item, ticking every box from practicality and usability through to the highest-quality product in the angling world.

It’s long been recognised that a hemp and particle mix is one of the best fish catchers there is, although the truth is that nobody really knows why… until now!

Bait-Tech has scientifically proved that a hemp and particle mix is one of the best food staples a fish can eat. The amino-acid profile of these two baits gives such unparalleled attraction that in the right form they become a nutrient-rich food source that fish just can’t resist.

Bait-Tech Super Seed PouchThe new SUPER SEED pouches have revolutionised bait and harnessed these essential aminos and attractive qualities, while the self-standing, easy-to-carry, easy-to-store pouch design has done away with the old tired and cumbersome jars. The seeds – in Natural, Chilli and a 10-item Particle Mix versions – are all cooked in the pouch for the ultimate in freshness AND attraction!

Unlike some other companies we make sure there are NO colours, NO preservatives, NO additives, and NO nonsense in our products, just the purest, highest-quality ingredients brought to you in the most natural, freshest state available, packed with natural attractors and essential minerals. In these unique pouches all the cooking liquor will be retained, meaning every last seed and pulse will be saturated in their own natural juices and oils as they are cooked in the bag, ready to ooze attractants and feed stimulants into your swim!

Bait-Tech gives you the most natural, attractive, palatable, amino-packed, high-quality, useable seed bait known in angling! The best just got better!

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