BRASSRIBS – The Story Of A Carp

Brassribs, a legendary carp sought by two generations of fishermen, is an unknowing player in a battle to save the lake in which he lives along with the beautiful English country estate that surrounds it.

It’s a tale of mystery, heroism and romance, with some lovely insights about natural history and the habits of carp. The story, by fishing writer Ted Lamb (The Penguin Book of Fishing, The Bait Book) is currently available only as an Amazon Kindle book - CLICK HERE for more details.

Here's a short extract:

Brassribs - Carp Fishing Kindle BookSrrrwump!

A sudden violent disturbance far out in the lake took man and boy off guard. Gerry had been planning to discretely leave the other hooks he had brought along and go quietly back to his own spot.  Now they both stared out across the water with astonishment.

Nobody would have been surprised to see a helicopter hanging above the lake with someone heaving out bags of concrete. Deep rings were racing outwards from the epicentre of the shock. Then, while they watched, a stout hump showed, like the back of a breeching dolphin, and there was a dull flash of gold. It was there for just an instant. Then, with a mighty swirl and the flat-on slap of a great broad tail which showered droplets of sparkling water high up into the still air, it plunged out of sight and disappeared. A new ring of shock waves sped towards them, merging with the old ones and rocking the lilies and the boy’s keepnet before breaking on the shore at their feet.

The boy swore, words Gerry certainly would not have dared to use when he had been his age. Gerry himself uttered a more restrained, "Oh, lord..."

"W...what was that!"

The boy turned to him, wide eyed, clearly shaken.

Gerry began to remember something all but forgotten.

"I think," he said, his pulse racing, "I think, but I cannot be sure, but I think that was probably Brassribs."


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