Centrepin Reels For Sale

We've been busy recently here at Anglers' Net, creating a few 'satellite' sites that we hope to develop over the coming months, one of which is www.centre-pin.co.uk

If you're looking for cheap centrepins for sale, it's already the place to go, as it features the latest sales and some seriously low prices.

There are already a few articles on there and, in time, centre-pin.co.uk will feature more centrepin reel reviews, articles and special offers.

Centrepin reels are certainly not a new thing, having been around for many, many years. However, I think it's true to say that centrepin fishing is definitely experiencing  resurgence at the moment, as people realise that a good centrepin reel is not the reserve of the richer classes!

So, if you're looking to buy a centrepin reel, or just want to see how much a new, secondhand or even vintage centrepin costs, please visit