Croston Casts His Way To The Top

Hardy & Greys Game Product Manager, Howard Croston has defeated some of the world’s top fly casters at a casting competition held at the Fly Fishing Retailer Show, Denver, USA.

Tim Rajeff, Steve Rajeff, Rudy van Dujnhoven and Clay Roberts were four of the top casters Howard managed to defeat, landing him with first place in the competition.

Based on a combination of accuracy and distance, Howard won the title with a total of 2615 points. He was closely followed by Tim Rajeff with 2269 points and in third place, Steve Rajeff with 2069 points. Rudy van Duijnhoven took fourth place with 1903 points and Clay Roberts, 1763 points.

Howard has also been selected this year as a member of the 2009 England World Squad and qualified for the 2008 Confederation of English Fly Fishing Lock Style Final (CEFF.)

Winners of the women’s casting competition at Denver included Rachel Finn who took first place with 1291 points, in second place, Katie Reid with 1174 points and third place was Kathleen Wagner with 1128 points.

Hardy & Greys would like to congratulate Howard on his success.