Techniques and Tactics


Publication date: 4th June 2007      Price: £16.99 hardback

Anyone can take casting lessons or get someone to show them how to catch fish, but to really succeed as a fly fisherman you need to learn so much more. With an array of equipment and flies on the market, fly fishing can seem unnecessarily complicated. In Fly Fishing in Rivers and Streams: Techniques and Tactics, avid angler Terry Lawton gives expert advice on all aspects of the sport and shows you how you can improve your fly-fishing skills, whatever your level.

From choosing the right rod to selecting the appropriate fly, this book will help you to decide what equipment is right for you. Discover the importance of streamcraft in finding the right places to fish and develop your ability to reach an individual fish without frightening others. Once you've caught your fish, Terry provides useful information on how to play and net the fish as well as tips on how to catch and release effectively.

Whether you are a fly fishing novice or an angler looking to improve your existing skills, Fly Fishing in Rivers and Streams is an essential companion on your next fishing trip. Offering practical advice as well as guidance on riverside etiquette and showing respect for the river, this book provides a fresh perspective on this popular sport, and is an essential addition to any angler's library.

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About the author:
Terry Lawton is a passionate fisherman who has written many articles in leading UK fishing magazines, including Fly Fishing & Fly Tying and Trout and Salmon. He is a regular contributor to the online fishing magazine Fish & Fly ( and is the author of two other titles on fly-fishing.

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