Greys Launch New Lines

G-Tec Super Mainline is a revolutionary new monofilament unveiled by Greys for 2008.

Designed over a long period of time and in conjunction with extensive field testing, Greys have developed a versatile intermediate reel line that will sink or float and do everything the modern coarse angler requires.

Comprising six gauges, ranging in diameter from 0.12mm (2lb 8oz) to 0.22mm (8lb), this highly advanced super nylon line is robust and has carefully controlled shock absorbing stretch. It’s as thin as many copolymer products, a feature that makes this mono a useful reserve hook length material in certain situations, especially when fishing over dark silt.

Boasting accurate diameters and braking strains, plus high knot strength and a friction free super smooth gliding surface, the satin black finish gives this line aesthetic appeal, but most importantly allows anglers to see where fish are as they approach the net.

Greys G-Tec Super Mainline is priced at £4.99 for a 100metre spool.