Hardy Set To Revisit Their Roots

The first Hardy Heritage range of products are due to be launched as the company return to their roots.

The Hardy Heritage range consisting of rods and reels made in Alnwick, England - products symbolising the values making them one of the oldest and most respected fishing tackle makers in the world.

Items in the Hardy Heritage range include the most famous product ever to have been launched by Hardy; the Perfect reel, a timeless design revamped and relaunched utilising the most modern technology.

Other products in the range include the Gladstone bamboo rods, created by our master bamboo rod builder, Callum Gladstone.

Callum has been building in this material for over two decades and creates Gladstone and bespoke Palakona rods in Alnwick.

Managing Director of Hardy & Greys, Richard Sanderson said:

“The opportunity of introducing the Hardy Bros, Heritage range is an exciting addition to the 2009 Product line and we are proud to take Hardy back to its roots.

“Heritage products are seen the world over. Today original Perfect reels are worth their weight in gold. As well as being a classic to own, early Hardy Perfects are a sound investment in fishing. Hardy Heritage - history in the future of world fly fishing.”

Hardy plan to revive many classic designs in its Heritage range and are the only fishing tackle manufacturing company with a royal warrant and one hundred and thirty seven years of experience.