How To Fish – Chris Yates

Press Release

From Chris Yates, England's most revered and esoteric angler, comes this gem of a book • a philosophy of angling. How To Fish describes a spirited approach to the art of fishing that utterly dismisses the modern preoccupation with technique, gadgetry, and 'catch rates'. Through evocative accounts of days spent on the riverbank, Chris Yates urges us to deepen our vision and rediscover the essential magic of angling.

Covering a wealth of topics, including the importance of angling as a means of re-connecting with nature, the quirky individual traits of different fish species, the special atmospheres surrounding particular rivers and lakes, and the very secret of how to fish, this is a wise and wonderful book.

Chris Yates is a photographer, an author and the founder of Waterlog magazine, but he is first and foremost a fisherman. His passion began with the discovery of monster carp in his village pond when he was five. Thirty years later, he caught a record 51-pound carp, the biggest carp • and the biggest fish • in England at that time, and went on to share his experiences in books, in magazines, in radio programmes and in the BBC2 series A Passion For Angling. He is currently writing a book on sea fishing and lives in South Wiltshire.

How To Fish is published in hardback by Hamish Hamilton, priced £14.99. Click here to check for the best price on