Old Ghost……. To Be Seen at Madine

A new sponsor joins the fray for the 2011 World Carp Classic, Old Ghost, and we think you’ll be very impressed by what we are about to reveal about the company.

Old Ghost Baits will be present on site at Madine where the company will become a sponsor of the World Carp Classic for the first time. There will be, for one-day only, a ‘bait for the day’ competition within the event where, with bait supplied by Old Ghost,  competitors will win the substantial prizes on offer by recording the biggest carp caught on that bait on that specific day.

When was Old Ghost Baits Group set up and where is the business based?

It was formed in 1991 in Wuhan, Hubei Province of China, with a building area of 30,000 SQM where we specialise in producing varied kinds of fishing baits.

How much bait does Old Ghost Produce?

The company has over 100 patents and trademarks, which makes it the most creative bait maker in China. Old Ghost is the most famous, most popular brand among 90 million Chinese anglers, and takes up 70% of the Chinese domestic market. In 2009 the company invested huge funds to establish a totally automatic assembly factory with a building area of 8,000 SQM. The introduction of six world class assembly lines, to add to the three existing assembly lines makes Old Ghost the biggest bait manufacturing base in the world with an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons.

Old Ghost Bait CoWho is involved in the formulation and development of Old Ghost Bait?

Famous experts from China’s most authoritative National Aquatic Animal Institute, National Freshwater Fish Institute and China’s best-known Fish Nutrition Institute are involved in the process of product development, with all the formulae of our baits finally experimented with and confirmed by Mr. Yi Zhe, president of Old Ghost and 4-time champion of our National Fishing Championships. Production commences only after long-term field-testing, where it is proven that Old Ghost baits have an irresistible appeal to fish not only in China but also around the world.

What is envisaged and aspired to for Old Ghost in the future?

With nearly 20 years’ of successful experience in bait-producing and brand-building, Old Ghost is very well set to become globally recognized. Of course, Old Ghost bait producers know very well that fish vary throughout the world and enjoy different favourite food. They also know that anglers of different countries have their specific favourite brands, not to mention that the local bait makers have strenuously developed their products for many years there. We know all of this, and are aware that there is a long, tough road before us, but, we are fully confident that we can and will tackle the difficulties ahead.

Why will fish around the world like Old Ghost Baits?

Based on the modern, massive, and integrated production capability, adopting rich, 100% natural raw materials like wild snail, lobworm, maggot, alga, blood worm, squid, krill, etc, which are the best natural foods for fish, we are serving the fish with most opulently delicious meal. Regarding the brand recognition, fish under the water know nothing about the maker or the amount of money spent in adverts, fish only choose the best food for them. No fish is an exception around the world, and so, the sale of bait essentially differs from that of fishing tackle, and the best choice for the angler and the fish is Old Ghost Bait.

When will Old Ghost Baits become available to anglers in other Countries?

Being the No.1 brand in China, we are going to build a top bait brand in the world. We will sell only under our own brand the products such as Fresh-keeping Hook bait Sausage, continuously dissolving Pellet and Two-layered Boilies for which we have our own intellectual property rights. In 2011, Old Ghost is to begin to develop international market by seeking distributors worldwide. We will focus on Europe first, and then expand to other markets. I believe that the following years will witness a tremendous change in the European bait market.

What other points of interest are there to reveal about Old Ghost?

In 2010, the company began to build Purple Lake Long Beach Fish Culture Resort for tourism, entertainment and fishing. When the resort is completely finished in 2012, it can host freshwater fishing competitions of all sizes as it can accommodate 2,000 competitors at one time. In the resort, we can hold Chinese pond fishing competitions, and also lure fishing competitions, casting fishing, boat fishing that are popular in Europe and America.

In 2010, the company became the biggest bait manufacturing base in the world with an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons, after the 6 newly introduced assembly lines had been conditioned and put into production.

In 2009, the company, investing huge funds, started to build a totally automatic assembly factory with a building area of 8,000 SQM. Now the factory has been completed and put into production smoothly.

In 2008, the company successfully launched the Wild Fighting brand.

In 2007, Mr. Yi Zhe, Old Ghost president, promised to fund one Hope School each year. So far, 4 such schools have been set up.

In 2007, the company invested RMB 1,000,000 to re-establish the Old Ghost Fishing Video Website to spread fishing skills and fishing concepts on the Internet.

In 2006, the company launched the new bait brand, “Irresistible”.

In 2003, Old Ghost set up its subsidiary company, Hubei Fengxing Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd which managed a rod factory, a float factory, a line factory and a department of accessories. Now, Fengxing has developed its business with over 1,000 franchise stores.

In 2002, together with Huazhong Agricultural University and other colleges, the company established "Old Ghost Fish Attractant Research Center", which further upgraded the company’s developing technology.

In 2002, China's biggest platform of fish observation and analysis was set up by the company.

In 2002, the company set up its own film and television production company "Tour & Fishing World". In recent years, the company has produced over 30 fishing books and published several million fishing DVDs for free.

In 1999, the company established Old Ghost Fishing Academy, which was the first one in China for training anglers from all over the country for free. So far, the academy has trained nearly 10,000 anglers and their have been over 3,000 anglers that attended the National Annual Old Ghost Cup Fishing Tournament held by the school.

In 1991, the company was set up, becoming the first in China to manufacture fishing baits commercially.

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