New Boss Cat From Cygnus Marine

New Model: BOSS CAT The exciting and versatile new BOSS-CAT designed is now available from CYGNUS MARINE, bringing for the first time a planing catamaran hull into our fast workingboat range. Having now been fully proven on the Northumbrian coast over the past three years by the first 2 prototypes, the 33' x 15' "Wavedancer

Unique Stocker Wobbler Trolling Rig Offers the Best of all Lures

With the Stocker Wobbler, you combine the convenience of an artificial lure with the fish-attracting superiority of bait. The baitfish doesn't have to be alive either, but it certainly will seem that way when rigged on the Wobbler and trolled at an enticing speed in either fresh or salt water. “If you're not catching fish

Twice Lucky at Laroussi for Wayne Naylor

Wayne Naylor on his second trip to the fabulous Angling Lines Laroussi venue in northern France, and on only his second visit to France, does it again by landing his second sixty from the lake! The massive mirror which tipped the scales at a whacking 63lb 2oz picked up Wayne's tiger nut boilie fished with

Fishing report from Florida’s Captain Neal!

I believe that spring has now arrived in Oak Hill, Fl. If you fish much with live bait you know what I mean. When you throw a live shrimp out the little fish are going to tap on your shrimp, first starting on the legs and then just nibbling it to pieces. If you can,

What do you do when you go fishing?

Anglers are being asked to help in a survey about patterns of angling activity and spending across England and Wales in 2005. The research team is asking everyone who went freshwater fishing last year to complete a questionnaire on-line at: The project, which has been commissioned by the Environment Agency and Defra, will help