Go FLY fishing with Hunt&Palmer…

Go FLY fishing with Hunt&Palmer…     7 February, 2006…the fishing season is almost upon us and where better to fish than a destination where the waters are fresh and the fish are plentiful. Hunt&Palmer can take you there…   Over the years, Hunt&Palmer, one of the largest independent air charter companies, has been providing

Fish go up the property ladder

Thousands of perch, roach and rudd are today (Monday) enjoying life in a new and larger home, thanks to an Environment Agency project to get more people fishing. The fish, which have been taken from a private pond in Sandholme were caught and chauffeur-driven by Environment Agency officers to a new purpose-built lake in East

Pike magazine celebrates 100th Issue

Pike and Predators, the monthly magazine for the pike and freshwater predator angler in the UK has just published its one hundredth issue. This particular milestone has proved to be especially meaningful for founding editor, James Holgate, who commented,  “When we first hit the newsstands many in the trade doubted even then that a coarse


Coarse angling just got more exciting! February sees the launch of UK‘s biggest ever Angling Competition – 10K Tagsâ„¢   Whereas most angling competitions have in truth been only for professionals or at least the serious amateur – 10,000 Tagsâ„¢ is definitely for everyone!   10,000 Tagsâ„¢ is the brainchild of Greg Wimbourne (of Tacklemania

Anglers Workshop For River Colne Action Plan

The Environment Agency is putting together a fisheries action plan for the River Colne and is inviting anglers to contribute in a workshop. Fisheries action plans are developed in partnership with local angling and fisheries groups, and consult conservation and other interest groups. They are based on rivers but also include canals, lakes and gravel