British Pike Squad Team Selection Final

Pike Fish For Britain • British Pike Squad Team Selection Final A limited number of places are available for this years British Pike Squad Team selection Final, which will take place on Friday the 10th and Sunday 12th of November at Whittlesey in Cambridgeshire, either side of the ACA/Angling Times Final to allow those who


The EU has confirmed they will not introduce a lead ban following findings in a study on the advantages and drawbacks of lead used in various sporting equipment and leisure products and its overall affect on the environment. In August 2004, the European Commission issued a draft study on the advantages and drawbacks of restricting the

Ebro Valley Angling

Join the experts on the Ebro River for a holiday of a lifetime News Release:Thinking of a fishing holiday this year Then look no further. The Ebro in Spain is Europes premier coarse river and phenomenal cats and carp will be waiting for you. With Ebro Valley Angling, one of the most successful outfits on


TAKE A CHALLENGE, TRY TREKKING THE INCA TRAIL  Ever wanted to travel further than the local shops? Ever had the desire to push yourself to the limit? Then take the Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu - and raise money for a worthy cause. The British Lung Foundation (BLF) is looking for dynamic, adventurous types

Scottish Anglers Snubbed

Sea Anglers' Conservation Network (Scotland) Despite recent assurances from the Scottish Executive that Scotland's Recreational Sea Anglers are regarded as important stakeholders in the management of the nations' marine resources, and personal assurances to SACN by Ross Finnie that "there is no reason why we shouldn't be included" in the new Advisory Group on Marine