Reporting incidents If you think you have come across unusual deaths of wild birds and a rule of thumb is:ï‚· One or more swansï‚· Three or more birds of the same speciesï‚· 5 or more birds of different speciesthen contact the Defra help-line 08459 33 55 77 or the local State Veterinary Service office on


S&TA hails successful lobbying against the “silent killer” of water life From today (February 22nd), the Veterinary Medicines Directorate  (VMD) has banned the sale of cypermethrin sheep dips throughout the UK.  It acknowledges that the toxicological information showing the serious damage cypermethrin sheep dips have on the environment is too overwhelming to ignore and that

Ali Hamidi Joins 'The Tribe'

Shimano are pleased to announce the addition of Ali Hamidi to 'Team Tribal'. Ali has been a constant fixture in many of the angling magazines for a number of years. One of a hardcore group of 'working anglers', Ali finds time to haul them in both in the UK and abroad, despite the heavy demands

Glacier Glove launches Fighting-Stripping glove

Glacier Glove launches Fighting-Stripping glove for fishermen and big game anglers New Dr. Shade Fighting-Stripping gloves combat harmful UV rays And provide protection when handling fishing lines and big fish Glacier Glove, the leading manufacturer of outdoor sports hats, caps and gloves, has launched a new Fighting-Stripping glove designed especially with the fishing market in

Tyne Rivers Trust Press Release

Your River Needs YOU! For many decades the River Tyne flowed past us, largely ignored and neglected. Suffering the ravages of decades of pollution, it was easy to turn our backs to it and to forget this great asset on our doorstep. Most times of the year a gentle giant, we only sat up and