Pocket Guide To Knots

Knowing the right knot to use — and how to tie it — is an invaluable skill for anyone involved in outdoor activities. There are literally thousands of knots, for a wide variety of applications, with new knots being devised each year.

Pocket Guide to Knots provides comprehensive instructions for tying more than 110 of the knots most commonly used in outdoor pursuits such as climbing, hiking, boating, camping and fishing.

An introductory section outlines the basics of rope construction, maintenance and care, as well as the many different types of ropes and cordage, and delves into the history of knots and knot tying. Each knot entry is shown in step-by-step photographs, with detailed tying instructions as well as tips and lore, advice on strength and security, and a key system which indicates the applications most suitable for each.

Whether constructing a make-shift camp or rigging a sail, towing a car or rock climbing, the Pocket Guide to Knots will prove an indispensable guide.

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PUBLICATION DATE: 15th March, 2006 PRICE: £9.99 Paperback