Pulborough AS Report 10 June 2007

Goose Green      

It's been a fruitful few
days at Goose Green, Mike Symes fished Tench Pond on Friday evening, fishing
with small cubes of luncheon meat presented under a small waggler, Mike, fishing
close to nearside features caught a steady succession of Tench to a couple of
pounds in weight, just as Mike was thinking of packing up his float slid away,
Mike struck in to the fish only to see his rod take on a healthy curve and line
started to strip off his reel, after a spirited battle the fish was netted, the
culprit a 7-8-0 Mirror Carp in scale perfect

A few people were to
found at Goose on Saturday, and certainly less than in previous weeks, perhaps
it had something to do with the work party that was taking place?, although no
details were recorded the few people who did fish were witnessed to catch Carp,
Bream, Roach &

Sunday saw a plethora of
people on the Bank, Anthony Tester fished Lake two with the waggler, using
pellet on the hook Anthony caught Bream, Skimmers and small Carp for a net of
fish that tipped the scales at well over 15-0-0, also on the lake was Gavin
Tester, Gavin, fishing the long pole towards the island hooked but unfortunately
lost a few larger Carp, having been beaten by the bigger fish, Gavin
concentrated on his short line and caught small Skimmers, Carp, Roach & Rudd
for a net of fish that went over 10-0-0. 

Adam Tester was also to
be found on Lake 2 (Yes it was a real family outing), Adam fishing the short
pole with a shallow rig was targeting the small Carp that abide in Lake 2,
fishing with Pellet on the hook, Adam started to put together a steady string of
the small, but perfectly formed Carp, he also included Skimmers, Roach, Rudd
& Bream in his haul that went to just under 15-0-0, fishing the adjacent peg
to Adam was Goose Green stalwart Trevor Mordle, Trevor fishing the short pole
with maggot on the hook, put together a highly respectable net of Bream, large
Skimmers, Small Carp, Crucians plus Roach &

Over on Lake 3, Shaun
& Chris Groves were to be found fully enjoying themselves fishing close in
to bank side cover with poles for some of the lakes larger residents, the duo
certainly had the best pegs on the fishery as they could do no wrong, catching
Carp to 7-0-0, Bream to 3-8-0 , plus skimmers and some silvers, in fact every
time you looked round the elastic was stretching out again, also on Lake 3 was
Dudley Chandler, Dudley fishing the pole, caught carp to 6-0-0, plus Tench,
Bream & skimmers for a net estimated by the man himself to be approx

Moor Farm  

No reports this

Goose Green  

Litter will not be tolerated at any of our
fisheries and per your rule book, you risk the loss of your membership if litter
is found in your peg, you are requested, per the rule book, to clear your swim
of any litter PRIOR to starting fishing, even if that litter is
not yours.

Junior Scene 

No reports this

 Annual Teach

This is an annual event at which we
give one to one tuition to novice anglers, preference is given to juniors.

Methods used are Pole, Whip or
Waggler with all tackle being supplied by the tutor, all of whom are experienced
Pulborough AS members,w
e have a lower age limit of seven years for safety reasons.

There is a morning and afternoon
session, each lasting three hours, with tackle prizes being awarded for each
session, in addition each pupil is given a small goodie bag containing useful
tackle items.

Hot food - burgers, hot dogs and bacon
butties are served at breaks throughout the day, together with tea, coffee and
cold drinks.

There is no obligation to join
Pulborough Angling Society after the teach in, but if you do join the Society, 
the cost of your entry ticket will be deducted from your membership fee.

This years will take place at our
Moor Farm Fishery on 21 July, to reserve your place for this popular event visit our website www.pulboroughas.com and click on Teach
, alternatively telephone Sheila Olliver on 01903 213968 (evenings
after 6pm), places are offered on a first come first served basis.


For the benefit of those who wish
to come and help, we hold working parties at Goose Green every Saturday,
starting at 0900hrs, all assistance gratefully accepted, even if you can only
spare an hour - as the television advertisement states "Every Little
Helps....."  . 

Result of the 1st Evening match,fished at Goose
Green on Thursday  7 June  by 20

1st Barry Ginnaw 8.25kg (18lb 3oz) 3 carp to pole and
corn plus bits to pole and maggot . Peg 6   

2nd Shaun Groves 5.81kg (12lb 13oz) 2 carp plus bits
to pole and pellet. Peg 19.

3rd Pip Pranskus 5.24kg (11lb 9oz) skimmers and small
carp to short pole and maggot. Peg 10  

4th Kevin Parker 4.83kg (10lb 10oz)