Rinkya Reels in the Compleat Japanese Angler

It was remarked by some long forgotten Theologian that the time you spend fishing isn't deducted from your life. Since this is quoted freely, without credit it has to be assumed that it is the product of of a divine revelation. It crosses cultural lines rather freely as evidenced by the first fly fishermen, who were Japanese and invented the fly to fish with about 420 years ago. The name they chose for their art was "tenkara" which literally means "from Heaven."

With so much practice one can only assume that the Japanese got rather good at fishing. In fact so good that they even have two ways to fly fish, tenkara and ayu. Of course, for many years of Japanese history only the samurai were permitted to fish, and in peaceful periods they got very good at constructing flies, and fishing tackle.

RinkyaFor a long time now getting the best Japanese tackle has been prohibitively expensive, because it is very difficult and costly to ship. A Mr. Shibuya Naoto Kawatsura Bamboo Rod, for example, which is an absolute steal at about seventy-five thousand yen, can't even be shipped internationally through the post office.

"The prohibitive cost of shipping fishing tackle set us to work," says Heather Russell, CEO of Rinkya Inc., the largest Japanese shopping service. "After all here was something the Japanese practically invented, and a product that exhausts adjectives trying to say how good it is, and we couldn't get it to our customers. Well this was something that we just couldn't put up with. We just had to find a way, after all it is what we do, and this was a challenge.

"Well, we figured it out. We can now ship one of the world's best rods, like a Daiwa Whisker Hexagon, or even a Kagerou Kageroubanburoddo, for about sixty dollars directly to our customers.

"Okay, it took a lot of work, shopping around, dealing, but we'd say it was worth it. Especially for those who want to live to a ripe old age spending all that time fishing and chalking up a lot of those non-deducted hours. In fact, we'd say it makes us Japan's "Compleat" shopping service. Mr Walton would certainly have approved.

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