Wellsfield Trout Fishery

The fishery evening sessions and are now open late till 9pm.  
All 3 lochans fished very well.  Average trout size was 3lb 4oz.

TWO double figure specimens were caught this week. A 12lb 8oz  rainbow by Mr Liddle (Camelon) using tadpole lures in his bag of  4 fish for 21lb 12oz, and a 11lb rainbow for Mr McAllister (Stilring) using powerbait in his 3 fish for 17lb 4oz.

ONE Yellow £50 Prize Tagged Trout was caught by lucky angler Mr Ferguson (Denny) using mini-lures in his bag of 4 trout for 13lb.

Best flies this week: Hot Head Damsel, Disco Buggers, Yellow and Fire Dancer, Buzzers, Diawl Bach.  Best bait: Power Bait, Mepp Spoons, Maggots and Tobies.
Some of the better catches this week include:
Nisbett (Alloa) 5 for 20lb, best 8lb rainbow,
Thompson (Dollar) 5 for 18lb 8oz, best 6lb rainbow
Johnstone (Stirling) 5 for 18lb, best 5lb blue,
Anderson (Cambus) 5 for 17lb 2oz, best 5lb blue,
Rogers (Larbert) 5 for 16lb 12oz,
Holloway (Dumbarton) 4 for 15lb, best 5lb,
Craw (Tullibody) 4 for 14lb,
McGeorge (Glasgow) 4 for 12lb,
McColl (Balloch) 4 for 14lb 8oz,
Brawley (Cumbernauld) 4 for 11lb,
Storrie (Falkirk) 4 for 10lb,
Ferguson (Fife) 3 for 10lb,
Johnstone (Glasgow) 3 for 10lb,
Scott (Lennoxtown) 3 for 10lb,
McGeorge (Glasgow) 3 for 10lb,
Meek (Cambuslang) 3 for 9lb,
Cooper (Stirling) 3 for 9lb,
Robertson (Tullibody) 3 for 9lb,
Riby (Bannockburn) 3 for 9lb,
Watson (Lennoxtown) 3 for 9lb,
Johnstone (Glasgow) 3 for 10lb,
Brett (Cowie) 3 for 10lb,
Brogan (Airdrie) 3 for10lb, best 4lb 8oz,
Baxter (Balloch) 3 for 9lb,
Diamond (Carronshore) 3 for 9lb 8oz,
Robertson (Tullibody) 3 for 9lb,
McDonald (Alva) 3 for 8lb 8oz,
Brogan (Airdrie) 3 for 8lb 8oz,
Kirson (Bonnybridge) 3 for 8lb 8oz,
McQueen (Fallin) 3 for 7lb 8oz,
Stanton (Airdrie) 2 for 7lb,
Paterson (Bonnybridge) 2 for 6lb 8oz,
Skinner (Edinburgh) 2 for 6lb 8oz,
Toon (Bannockburn) 2 for 6lb 8oz,
Brown (Fishcross) 2 for 6lb 8oz,
Sharky (Fishcross) 2 for 6lb 8oz,
Henderson (Condorrat) 1 for 4lb,
McCormack (Bannockburn) 1 for 4lb,
Muldoon (Carronshore) 1 for 4lb,
Doig (Larbert) 1 for 4lb.

Fishing Lessons and Casting Tuition bookings now being taken for adults and children – call 01324 822800 for more details or check out www.wellsfield.co.uk

Rod and Tackle Hire available.
Club and corporate day bookings are still being taken for 2009 season.