Catch Bigger Coarse Fish

Having been involved in fishing websites since 1998, I have a fair idea of what sort of questions are normally asked by UK anglers. You soon start to pick up on the trends. The guys at Angler's Mail have been involved in angling for a lot longer than me, so it's fair to say that they do, too.

Most coarse anglers want to know how to catch bigger fish. It's as simple as that.

In “Catch Bigger Coarse Fish”, Andy Little, along with some great photographs by Roy Westwood, has created a book that should absolutely fly off the shelves. It's extremely well put together and covers just about every method any coarse angler will ever need, with clear dialogue and excellent use of photographs and graphics. Most anglers will be aware of the name Andy Little; he's one of the true all-rounders and you can instantly tell that his writing comes from years of experience.

Catch Bigger Coarse FishAfter an introduction into the big-fish scene, the book is broken down into the main coarse fish target species:
Crucian carp

Each chapter introduces the fish, giving the reader a bit of an insight into their character, and then goes on to explain some of the methods, tackle and baits that Andy employs in his pursuit of the larger specimens. Andy doesn't cloud the issues with waffle, yet he also doesn't assume that you know exactly what he means and brush over them. He explains himself clearly, which is quite refreshing.

There are quite a few product suggestions throughout the book and, knowing the internet as I do, I dare say that a few will moan about that. The thing is, if you look at what products are in there, most specimen anglers would agree that they are in there by merit, anyway. If people really do object to one particular brand, all they really need to do is find a similar product by a different manufacturer. Me, I quite like being told what product I need. It saves me time in the tackle shop. If it's made by Fox, Drennan, Richworth or whoever, I really don't mind, as long as it does the job, and the name “Andy Little” has been one that I've trusted over the years.

Catch Bigger Coarse Fish is a great instructional book. Obviously, there have been similar style books published in the past, but this one is bang up to date and a credit to Angler's Mail. Whilst primarily aimed at anglers who have a basic knowledge, it will still appeal to newcomers and anglers trying a 'new' target species. That said, I don't think even the most seasoned angler would turn his nose up at this book; every angler is continually learning and Catch Bigger Coarse Fish has a lot to offer.

I'll end by saying that this book would make a great gift, so if you're a non-angler reading this and thinking about what to buy a male relative, or friend, for Christmas this year, don't buy some tat that your High Street department store has wheeled out yet again and falsely labelled as “a gift for anglers”. Buy the Angler's Mail Guide – Catch Bigger Coarse Fish instead!

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Elton Murphy, October 2007

Catch Bigger Coarse Fish
Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Ebury Press (1 Nov 2007)
RRP: £12.99