In Search Of The Nile Perch

I have just received a copy of a new Video from Video Active which is of particular interest to me, as I had hoped to go on this trip. Unfortunately I had knee problems that required urgent surgery and I was therefore unable to go along.

In Search of The Nile Perch is presented by Barrie Rickards, who has been on several safaris to Egypt and has accumulated considerable knowledge of the venue and the Nile Perch. This is evident throughout the video and together with Tim Baily, this Safari had great potential.

In Search Of The Nile PerchThe time of year [August] when the trip was undertaken was quite a challenge, with temperatures soaring to 120F plus, it was going to be tough going. The action was probably not as hectic as spring fishing, but it was evident this was more than just a fishing trip, it was a week full of fun and excitement.

Video effects at the start of the video I found neat and eye catching and as one would expect from a professional setup, the quality of the video is excellent throughout. With the number of boats being used, it was difficult to get eyerything on film with only one cameraman, so not all the fish caught are shown. A successful attempt, I feel, has been made to try to cover all aspects of the trip, from the arrival and greetings of the guides, the vastness of the water [Lake Nasser] and the ecology, tackle and rigs/methods/lures etc., the obvious expertise of Tim Baily the expedition leader, who comes across as a caring evironmentalist and angler, to the excitement of the catch and the hilarity of the toilet facilities. I thought the "Girlie Boat" section was really hilarious, women!!!!

I will refrain from giving it all away here, but some big fish were caught and I will probably be making a trip myself in the not to distant future.

In Search of the Nile Perch is available now direct from Video Active on 01948 780564 or any Shakespeare dealer in the very near future.

Colin Brett

June, 2001