Book And Media Reviews

Fishing Days

Published: 1966 Author: Geoffrey Bucknall Reviewed by: Steve Burke Geoff Bucknall’s “Big Pike” is well-known and highly regarded, probably because it’s about one of our most popular species. However “Fishing Days” is one of those books that you rarely hear about, yet I reckon is the best of the many that the author has written.

Confessions Of A Carp Fisher

Published: 1950 Author: BB Reviewed by: Spindle This is not going to be easy. Reviewing what is, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest angling books of all time, and doing it enough justice. Modern carp anglers have it easy. High-tech lines, carbon rods, giant fixed-spool reels, and a vast array of readily available

Drop Me A Line

Published: 1953 Author: Richard Walker and Maurice Ingham Reviewed by: Spindle In 1949, two articles in the then popular Fishing Gazette, prompted an unknown angler, Maurice Ingham, to write a letter to their author, a certain Richard Walker. What followed was a regular and uninterrupted stream of letters between the two men discussing all manner

Red Letter Days

Published: 1994 Author: Peter Rogers (Ed.) Illustrated by John Searl Reviewed by: Chris Plumb “Great triumphs do not come often in angling, and this is a blessing. When they come they have their flavour partly because they are rare. If they were to come often and reliably the flavour would go stale. Failure can make

An Angler For All Seasons

Published: 1992Author: the best of H.T. SheringhamReviewed by: Chris Plumb Chosen and Introduced by Tom Fort The world of angling – or at least angling literature, owes a great debt to a meeting between two anglers on the banks of the River Lambourn near Newbury in September 1903. The two anglers in question were William