Book And Media Reviews

For All Those Left Behind

Published: September, 2002 Author: John Andrews Reviewed by: Chris Plumb I had to pluck up courage to read this book. I knew from the eulogies on the cover that I might find the content 'difficult' to get through. And, I suspect that writing this review will be doubly hard. I even started it a couple

Somewhere Down the Crazy River

Published: 1992 Author: Paul Boote & Jeremy Wade Reviewed by: Chris Plumb The full title of this book is - "Somewhere Down the Crazy River: Journeys in Search of Giant Fish - Story of the Re-discovery of the Indian Mahseer and the Goliath Tigerfish of the Congo." Well, that's the book's synopsis out of the

Rod And Line

Published: 1980 Author: Arthur Ransome Reviewed by: Chris Plumb Use of the word 'classic' is sometimes over-wrought when it comes to describing an old angling book (or an old 'anything' for that matter!). However in the case of Rod and Line it is entirely apt. I have read a number of angling anthologies in my

Reflections from the Water's Edge and Trout at Ten Thousand Feet

Published: 1987/2001 Author: John Bailey Reviewed by: Chris Plumb These two excellent volumes could be said to represent the 'bookends' of John Bailey's angling career to date. Genesis and Revelation if you like. Reflections from the Water's Edge covers the first 30 years of John's fishing from early boyhood beginnings to the emergence of the

I Know A Good Place

Published: 1989 Author: Clive Gammon Reviewed by: Chris Plumb This book set me back the grand sum of 20 pence and was then in my possession for some years before I eventually got around to reading it!! Let me explain. Some 8 or so years a go I bought a dozen 'remaindered' books for a