Book And Media Reviews

An Angler For All Seasons

Published: 1992Author: the best of H.T. SheringhamReviewed by: Chris Plumb Chosen and Introduced by Tom Fort The world of angling - or at least angling literature, owes a great debt to a meeting between two anglers on the banks of the River Lambourn near Newbury in September 1903. The two anglers in question were William

The Domesday Book of Mammoth Pike

Published: 1979 Author: Fred Buller Reviewed by: Peter McCue Has any fish in our history been subject to more exaggeration of its size and lurid tales of rapacious appetite than the Pike? I doubt it! If the past story tellers of our Pike folklore are to be believed, then you would indeed be remiss in

Falling In Again And The Deepening Pool

Many Yates' aficionado's don't rate Falling in Again, claiming it isn't up to the quality of some of his earlier works. I for one don't wholly agree with these sentiments. Yes, Yates exploded onto the literary angling scene with the seminal Casting at the Sun and Falling in Again certainly doesn't compare with THAT great

The Fisherman's Bedside Book

Published: 1945 Author: BB Reviewed by: Chris Plumb This veritable treasure trove of an angling anthology was once described in the angling magazine Waterlog as the 'The Best Fishing Book in th World'. Extravagant but not exaggerated praise. Actually the word anthology doesn't really do it justice either. It could almost be described as a

For All Those Left Behind

Published: September, 2002 Author: John Andrews Reviewed by: Chris Plumb I had to pluck up courage to read this book. I knew from the eulogies on the cover that I might find the content 'difficult' to get through. And, I suspect that writing this review will be doubly hard. I even started it a couple