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The Complete Guide to Fishing Skills

Published by: Brockhampton Press - First published by Ward Lock in 1988ISBN no. 1 86019 8449 This book is an aggregation into one volume, of a series of 'How to…' style books which derived from a regular feature in the Angler's Mail. It is ideal for novice anglers, as it keeps the description of the

Going Fishing by Negley Farson

Published by: White Lion BooksISBN No: 1 874762 26 0 Negley Farson was the son of an American Civil War General, and was born in 1890. This book is as much an autobiography as it is about fishing. And what fishing… Jack Hargreaves a long-time friend of Farson described the book as the 'best book

In Search Of The Nile Perch

I have just received a copy of a new Video from Video Active which is of particular interest to me, as I had hoped to go on this trip. Unfortunately I had knee problems that required urgent surgery and I was therefore unable to go along. In Search of The Nile Perch is presented by

Gravel Pit Carp By Jim Gibbinson

Unusually, this is a double review. Not only have I reviewed this book myself as a newcomer to the species, but I've also got an experienced carp angler to add his thoughts as well - and you can't get much more experienced than Peter Springate! In fact, this review is long overdue as Peter liked

Angling Days by Jack Bevan

Angling, for many, is a form of escapism. A way of breaking free from the routine of life. It’s a shame, therefore, that there aren’t that many angling books offering the same experience at those times when we just cannot get on the banks. Angling Days is an exception. In this book, we are offered