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The Coarse Fishing Guide To Great Britain with Dean Macey

I've never met Dean Macey, but as he's from the same county as me, I'd like to start off straight away by saying that he's a top bloke, a fantastic angler and that he speaks with a proper accent! I've heard that he's quite handy round an athletics track, too, but I'm built for comfort,

The Gigantic Book of Fishing Stories

The Gigantic Book of Fishing StoriesEdited and Introduced by Nick Lyons, Foreword by David Halberstam OK, I admit I'm a bit of a 'sucker' for angling anthologies - in fact I've just counted up the number of such volumes in my modest angling library and realise I already have 10 such books, not counting this

BASS and B.A.S.S

My bookshelves seemed to be getting increasingly packed with angling books now (mostly bought from second hand book shops or charity shops). There are those that I never finished reading, and some that I couldn’t put down till I turned the last page, and those that I keep going back to again and again. My

Angling Vagabond – A Glorious Boyhood

By Dave Park

Sea Angler's Step-By-Step Guide To Bait And Rigs

I hadn't bought a fishing book for a long time. Usually, publishers will send them to me before they're launched as a mention on Anglers' Net is well worth the cover price of a book! However, I was looking through the statistics from the Anglers' Net Amazon Book Store a couple of weeks ago and