The Ringle

Provided byAlan PearcePearce Tackle Development & MarketingRussettsNorth EndEssexCO9 4LG01787 238200 Let me start by saying I did mean to give this a few days testing, but finding the time was impossible. However, I did give it a thorough day's testing at one of my favourite local waters, Cefn Mably, just outside Newport in South Wales.

Mickels Leads

Emerging from darkest Oxford, Mickels leads are made by the genial giant of an Irish man called Mike Poynton. Mickel, as he likes to be known, makes three styles of lead and his own back leads. The three styles of lead are the Pears, Flat Pears and, the best of all, the Distance. Being the

Stour Valley Baits

  Bait And See   I'd never carried out a bait test and I had no intention of changing that fact, until Single Tone began to catch far too many fish. We're best carping mates, Tone and me, and we do most of the best-mates stuff like sharing gear, rig ideas, grub, views on girlies,

Fifty Years A Fisherman

Fifty Years A Fisherman The Autobiography of John Wilson With Christmas on its way this is more of a short reminder than a review. If wives and girlfriends are intelligent and devious enough (devious enough I’m sure) they will visit the review pages of Anglers’ Net to get ideas for our Christmas presents. (Sorry for

JRC Cocoon 3 Bedchair

These days, 'overnighting' seems to be part and parcel of many branches of angling. A fisherman's bivvy becomes his home from home, as he starts to build up a collection of bits and pieces to make life away from the four walls of a house that bit more comfortable. One of the most important "accessories"