Slam Combo Mat/Bag by Sundridge

For many years I looked for an unhooking mat that I could use not only for static sessions but also for stalking carp and for lure fishing. Two years ago I came across this unique product, little realising just how it was going to transform my roving trips. Basically it’s an unhooking mat with cleverly

Fox Micron MX

After 8 years of sterling (and not so sterling service, that’s another story) my expensive pair of buzzers decided it was time to pack in. Faced with the prospect of having to replace both buzzers at the same time, and perhaps purchase a third one, I was faced with an interesting dilemma. Should I purchase

In Pursuit Of The Largest by Terry Hearn

One of the benefits of promising Anglers' Net that I would do some book reviews is the fact that I now have an excuse to re-read all my books (not that I need an excuse!)…and what a pleasure it was to read In Pursuit Of The Largest once again. Before I go into detail reviewing

To Catch A Carp By Tim Paisley & Friends

Now for those of you who don’t know me, I’m an avid reader of books and it is not unknown for me to stay up all night to devour a book from cover to cover until I have absorbed all the information within its pages. It is with this insatiable appetite for reading and writing

The Mallard Sweater

When an item of clothing makes the transgression from the world of sailing to our world of angling, it often means that it is bulky and bright orange, with comfort and safety being the primary factors when at sea. Well, the Mallard Sweater from MaxMarine is certainly comfortable, but bright orange it isn't! However, the