A.C.E. (Advanced Carp Equipment) Velocity Mainline

I normally change my mainline during May as part of my preparation for the forthcoming season. In the past, I have used Daiwa ‘Sensor’ line, but, due to problems with knot slippage, I decided to go for something different.

Cost was probably going to be the most important factor; I wasn’t keen to spend vast amounts of money on an untried product. At £17.99 for 1070 metres ACE (Advanced Carp Equipment) ‘Velocity’ seemed to be a ‘middle of the range’ price. I wanted something slightly heavier than the 10lb breaking strain I had previously had, so I chose the 12 lb line. 15lb and 18lb breaking strains are also available.

A.C.E. (Advanced Carp Equipment) Velocity MainlineAttractively packaged in a natty camouflage tin, it is bound to catch the eye of many anglers. The line itself is also camouflaged; pale brown alternates with a darker brown colouring to effectively break up the obvious contour of the line when in the water.

Winding it onto my reels, it seemed to bed extremely well, with none of the ‘springiness’ usually associated with new line straight off the spool. I had no problems with it disappearing behind the rear of my reel and it produced no loose loops to cause any tangles.

Knots were extremely easy to tie; all twists and coils sat together nicely when the knot was pulled tight, and testing the strength of the knots until they parted showed no significant loss of the 12lb breaking strain. Whilst in use, fish were constantly rubbing against and swimming into the line, so it was evident that it could not be seen in the water. Pulling across gravel bars caused no blatant abrasion, and I had no issues with weed gathering on knots on the retrieve. Playing fish was a joy, as the small amount of stretch allowed me to feel exactly what was happening.

As a mainline it appears to do all that is asked of it; it is inexpensive compared to other leading brands, and comes in sufficient quantities to make it value for money. Knots are all solid with no fear of slippage or failing and the camouflage may be all that you need to give you the extra edge your angling requires!

Highly recommended.

Clint Walker