Avanti Close Encounters 5m Margin Pole

As carp get bigger you need to adapt your tackle or risk getting written off… or worse still see your pole explode into bits.

When I started to hit a lot of mirrors and commons that had started to creep into the double figure range I knew I needed to step up in power and this Avanti Close Encounters 5m Margin Pole is the perfect tool for the job.

First of all there’s the price – just £30.

Should disaster ever strike under an extreme ‘hit and hold’ situation and something breaks, it’s not the end of the world. Fingers crossed that hasn’t happened yet ,even though I’ve landed fish to 20lb. But at just thirty quid I’m not gambling the family silver.

Secondly, the Close Encounters is a beast of a margin pole and is super slim, yet super strong. It is so comfortable to use down the side next to reed beds. You can rest it across the knee with one hand as support and use it all day – although it tends to be my back-up line – I probably only fish the margins for an hour all session but feed constantly. Obviously when the fish arrive, it can be explosive.

Avanti Close Encounters 5m Margin Pole

Another factor I like about the pole is the EVA grip on the butt, which makes playing big carp a comfortable task – you really are in control.

If you fish commercial lakes – this is definitely worth considering.

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