Avanti RDX3 11 metre pole with three top kits

The Avanti RDX 3 is my first real pole after years of sticking to my waggler rod and I’m delighted I made the switch.

Week-in, week-out I’d watch anglers on the pole, and although I have had a go using my mate’s kit, it just seemed a bit expensive and complicated.

Now I’ve made the leap I don’t know what I was worrying about – the rigs are easy to make and the RDX comes ready elasticated so I don’t have to worry about that either.

Since using the pole my catch-rates have gone up as the presentation is much better – there’s something about ‘lifting and dropping’ your bait in a killer spot that turns carp on – you just can’t do that with a running line.

Avanti RDX3 11 metre pole

The pole is full carbon and has very strong walls and strengthened joints – ideal for clumsy anglers like me targeting carp that run into double figures.

It comes with a match kit for silver fish and two power Top 2s with a size 16 elastics. I’ve already had bags of carp to 10lb and the pole has easily handled the fight.

The RDX is easy to slide through my hands making unshipping silky smooth and the general overall feel of it is fairly rigid and stiff, despite the amazing price.

I have used the pole at 11 metres on several occasions and it was fine to hold, but most of my fishing is done in the margins with the top five sections.

Overall I can’t fault this piece of kit and it can’t be beaten on value. If you’re on a tight budget or simply want to sample pole fishing without investing a small fortune, this is for you!

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