Azure FD 300 Match Reel

There are three factors most anglers turn to when choosing a reel – style, performance and in this day and age… price.

The Azure FD has all three in spades and is a great all-rounder for general freshwater work.

It is styled on the modern design that only uses metal where it matters and the vented spool means that the overall weight of the reel is reduced, but the integrity remains.

The front drag mechanism allows line to smoothly flow from the spool when fighting under the rod tip, crucial moments when fish can be lost.

I’ve used this reel for six months now and loaded it with 6lb line for general groundbait feeder work on a large pit containing bream.

The line lay has been perfect and thanks to a big roller and air bail styling, there’s almost no twist so the mono still hasn’t got any nasty springiness to it.

Azure FD 300 Match Reel

It’s been reliable every time and although big slabs to 8lb aren’t extreme fighting machines, I’ve only been using an 0.13 hooklength and a size 18 barbless hook, and that brilliant drag has got me out of trouble a few times on severe head shakes.

Other features include a soft touch rubberised body coating, 3 plus 1 ball bearings, line clip for accurate casting, one touch folding handle, and a spare spool.

At just £15 it’s a match standard reel at a bargain price.

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