Baitwize Catch Report from Terry Wells

I decided to head out to my ticket water in westbury boating lake and after having a scout around I decided to setup on the point overlooking the deeper water and close to an island where I could see signs of fish feeding and bubbling and a few rolls and got everything out and setup.
After baiting one area with TB1 and another with the CS1 and using my ever faithful German kicker rig I sat back and sure enough 2 hours in just a little one a 7lb common but it confirmed I was in the area and on the fish and my first on the TB1 which boosted confidence no end.
Following this I had another 2 small ones one on the TB1 and one on the CS1 at 9lb and 12lb respectively I was happy I was in the right place for a few more bite.  Then the boats decided to descend and wipe out my rods and that was it for the day and evening and I had to wait it out and rebaited with the CS1 after all the boats had disappeared.
This was to prove a wise move with signs going off about 3 hours after they had gone I was confident for a bite that night.  About 4am on my last morning my right hand rod went into meltdown with a screaming one toner (love that sound) and I ran out and entered battle with what turned out to be my biggest from this lake so far a wonderful 17lb 10oz mirror after taking me on a ride towards the snags and 20 mins of heart pounding fighting I had it languishing in the net.
Yet again the CS1 showing its true potential. That was it for the trip - can't wait to get back out there and get back on them.
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