Carp Kinetics Roll Set

As a relative newcomer to carp fishing, I’ve had to assemble my kit on a budget. I haven’t got a fortune to spend and I’ve picked up bits second-hand on ebay and via discount retailers. And I have to say, Dragon Carp Direct has been a God-send.

Not only have I bought rods and reels, one of the biggest bargains has been the CK Roll Set. This is a cracking package and represents exceptional value for money. Included is a thick foam unhooking mat, a sturdy and adjustable three-rod pod and specimen landing net with handle. Individually that little lot would cost in excess of £60 but it sells for just £20, making it a real bargain.

I’ve used all three elements numerous times and I can vouch for the lot. The unhooking mat is 36ins long and 24ins wide, making it plenty large enough for anything most of us are likely to catch. The net is equally sizeable, being 36ins wide and 40ins deep, and is really well made. While the rod pod is fully adjustable, lightweight, comes with front and back rests and folds neatly away.

Look, this is good, solid, no-nonsense kit at a fantastic price. I thoroughly recommend it.

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Carp Kinetics Roll Set