Contico Tackle Box

I'm sure that many of you will be aware that tackle boxes are often identical to the tool boxes sold by many DIY superstores. The only difference is the price, with the tackle shops having to pay and therefore charge more simply because they can't buy in sufficient quantity.

Having said that many tool boxes are of poor quality, and few have the right-sized compartments to suit us anglers. One range that does, and moreover is also nice and sturdy, is made in the UK by a firm called Contico. You're unlikely to find these under the Contico label, except in hardware shops, but superstore, Wickes, sell a few of them under their own label.

The model I like is a double-sided box with deep compartments that have removable dividers, thus enabling the box to be customised according to your needs. Wickes call it the Parts Organiser Carry Case and its dimensions are 377mmx310mmx123mm, which translates to approximately 14"x12"x4".

Contico Tackle BoxThe box has strong hinges for long life plus a comfortable down handle for easy packing. Each side has 2 sturdy clasps that click securely into place plus see through lids.

I have several of these Parts Organisers, one as a general tackle box, whilst the others make absolutely brilliant lure boxes. The price is just £14.99, which a lot less than you'd pay for the equivalent tackle box.

Steve Burke

20th August, 2000