Carp R Us Gizmo Link

Carp ‘R’ Us are predominately known for producing specimen carp hooks, and I’ve been using some of those for a number of years. However, this review centres on another product of theirs, which without doubt has saved me countless hours on the bank, a simple quick release link which allows me to change rigs and set-up in seconds • and there have been many occasions where those vital seconds saved have undoubtedly made the difference when it comes to me catching a big lump, especially when stalking.

How does it work? Well, basically the product is a kind of U-clip. At one end there is a loop which you tie the mainline to, and at the other end is the clip which you can slide rigs on and off. My basic set up would be my mainline passing through a tail rubber, safety clip, another cut-down tail rubber, and then tied onto the Gizmo Clip. You then attach your rig to the clip and pull the whole thing together. The result is a very tidy and slim line set-up which I use for the vast majority of my fishing.

Most of the diagrams you see on how to use the clips show them with the clip tied to your hooklink, which you then just clip on to a swivel on your main line set-up. Whilst this is fine, it obviously means you’ll get through quite a few clips, especially if you have as many rigs tied as I do! However, I simply reverse the set-up and tie my mainline to the clip, as this means I can do away with a swivel completely. At the attachment end of my hooklink I just form a small double loop knot which fits straight onto the Gizmo Clip, changeable in seconds.

The key here is versatility. When I pitch up on a swim I don’t know what I’m going to need on the end of my set up; a choice of rigs, my little weed-rake, my feature finding set-up. The great thing with my Gizmo Link is that whichever attachment I wish to add, I can do it within two or three seconds • simple as that.

Carp ‘R’ Us Gizmo Links retail for around £2.99 for a pack of 5 and are available from most tackle retailers.

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Julian Grattidge
October, 2005