I always get a bit of stick from my mates when I write about, or even mention, my latest 'make life comfortable' item. “Ha! You're getting old, Murph!” Well, at 41, maybe I am getting a bit old. Fact is, I certainly appreciate little things that make life a bit easier nowadays more than I did when I was 20. Even something as simple as a pair of socks can make a difference....

We recently featured a press release from Incredisocks. If you're interested, CLICK HERE to take a look at what they say about their own product. As you'll notice, they talk about increasing blood flow, regulating temperature, reducing swelling and all manner of 'medical' stuff. I'm lucky, I don't need a pair of socks for medical reasons, but I do know what it feels like to have tired feet at the end of a day's fishing. Or a day's anything that involves walking and standing, come to think of it. I'm not about to don my all-over white CSI suit and dissect a pair of Incredisocks, just to authenticate their claims, but I will speak from my own experience of wearing them.

I've worn a pair of Incredisocks on a number of occasions now, on days when I knew that my poor feet would be taking a pounding (NOT days when I'm sat at a desk, answering emails!). Honestly, they have made a big difference.

IncredisocksThey are comfortable as soon as they are on, but then again most socks are, but the feeling does seem to remain that way throughout the day and the temperature claim does seem to ring true. My feet feel a lot better than I would have expected and it makes me think that I should have listened to the older generation when they mentioned 'comfortable footwear' before.

Although I got sent one pair for review, I'm actually tempted to buy a few for everyday use. That's pretty unheard of, trust me!

That said, I couldn't find any in the UK on eBay, where I do about 99% of my online shopping, so will have to find a more conventional stockist. If you are interested in buying a pair, I'll include some contact details below.

A quick Google search shows that Incredisocks come in a range of colours and styles and prices start from around the £9-10 mark, so they are not cheap if you compare them to the usual supermarket bog-standard type of sock, but Incredisocks are not just a sock. If you value your feet, or currently suffer from aches and pains after standing and walking, consider getting a pair of Incredisocks. If they made a difference to me, and I'm pretty healthy, then they may make even more of a difference to you.

Elton Murphy, July 2012


Incredisocks are available in black, white and grey and in different designs. For more information or for a list of stockists please contact Steve at Vital Life on: 0207 7201441 or email