November 2010 brings the release of MARUKYU SFA 400 KRILL, and the latest press release contains a great ‘recipe’ to make your maggot baits irresistible!

KRILLED MAGGOTS are winning matches across the UK and beyond; maggots are often seen as backup bait by many match anglers, but, by using Marukyu SFA 400 products to boost your baits, then you can take your matches apart too!

KRILL are tiny marine crustaceans, present in vast numbers in colder oceans. With a distinctive smell and pink colouration, krill are known to be potent carp catchers when used in a wide variety of baits, and will also help catch other species of coarse fish. Krill meal is extremely attractive to fish as a result of the huge range of proteins, amino acids, minerals, oils and vitamins it contains which draw fish from huge distances. Marukyu scientists have analysed many sources of krill to create a unique blend which guarantees consistent quality for the discerning angler.

So how can SFA 400 be used? With maggots, ask your supplier to provide your maggots without maize, and then put them in a plastic bag. Twist the top of the bag to expel any air and tie a knot in it to stop air re-entering. Placing the bag in the fridge overnight will cause the maggots to stretch and become soft. Adding a handful of SFA 400 KRILL powder to a couple of pints of maggots will provide plenty of coverage for the baits. Once this step has been completed, then freeze the maggots for a minimum of 48 hours to allow them to absorb the KRILL. The maggots are now ready to add to your ground bait (ideally Marukyu EPG131) to form a devastating 50:50 mix. Brilliant!

MARUKYU SFA 400 KRILLThe highly soluble attractors alter the chemical composition of the skin of the maggots making them exceptionally appealing to passing fish, and because they have been frozen, they lay still on the lake bed and won’t crawl away or disappear into bottom debris.

SFA 400 KRILLED maggots, can be used in PVA sticks, as part of a spod mix or within a feeder sandwich between ground bait plugs. The only limit is your imagination!

Also available as part of the Marukyu range, SFA 410 LIQUID KRILL is a fantastic new additive which is produced via an exclusive fermentation process which massively increases the amount of free amino acids released into the water around your hook baits. The PVA friendly liquid does not deteriorate at room temperature, meaning you can add to your bait mixes all season.

Look out for more new products ready to hit the shops in December 2010, with even more in 2011.
Marukyu use up to 57 ingredients in some individual baits, all of which are ‘...formulated with science and designed with care’ to keep you catching. For more details of MARUKYU products, visit their website

Clint Walker, Oct 2010 ©