Matt Hayes Centrepin Video Review



Dragon Carp Direct


We mentioned the Matt Hayes Limited Edition Centrepin reels a little while back. If you're interested, you can read details of it by clicking here.

Reviews from a desk aren't the best, though, so this video below should prove more useful to anyone considering laying out £60 for one.

Not only does big-fish specimen-hunter Terry Knight test the new Matt Hayes Limited Edition Centrepin, but he also demonstrates the Avanti RDX3 Advanced Waggler rod and Boss Weightlifter landing net pole.

Terry admits during the review that 'pin fishing isn't his normal style of fishing (in fact, he's a bit of a beginner!), so how will he get on? Centrepins can prove a bit of a nightmare in the wrong hands. Click the 'PLAY' symbol below and see for yourself...

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