The Remedy From Mistral Baits

There isn't a lot to say about The Remedy that hasn't been said already in the press. It's just one of those baits that catches fish - fact!

I was sent a sample of The Remedy to test and, not being an experienced carp angler, my somewhat crazy ambition was to use it to catch my first twenty pound carp…not an easy task for anybody, let alone a novice.

I fished Wingham Carp Lake and have no idea what baits other anglers were on. This was going to be a difficult test - an inexperienced carp angler, a fairly untapped water and only a couple of short sessions to put this bait on test.

The Remedy From Mistral BaitsPacking my 15mm and 20mm boilies, along with the pop-ups and two 'Triggers', Beef Compound and Oceanic Aminos, little was I to know what an effect this bait would have on my angling career!

The bait itself has a distinct 'curry' aroma to it, but there are undertones of the other additives that have been skilfully blended together to make this brightly coloured boilie. They stay together well when catapulted out and are easily mounted on a hair-rig. Also, being a 'non-frozen' bait, it stays in my garage and is ready for immediate use. A hassle free bait, for sure.

The pop-ups are incredible and one can only assume that they would stay popped-up indefinitely. No matter how long a bait had been out, it was still bouyant! They absorb the dips well, if required, and hold the aroma, too. You can be confident that your bait will be smelling just right for the duration that it is in the water.

The dips, known as The Trigger, come in four different varieties. As well as those listed above, there are Liquid Liver Amino and Seed Steep Liquor to choose from. They are also great for pouring over the contents of a PVA bag prior to casting, should you want to create a definite aroma around your bait. Another thing, too - they last an incredibly long time as you don't need to overdo it.

The Remedy From Mistral BaitsThe first fish I caught on The Remedy, a 17lb mirror.

The success of my test of this bait has been well documented on this site. Suffice to say, I opened my account with a 17lb fish and then followed it up with one of 26lb 8oz! My confidence in this bait is extremely high and I feel that if I were to use it anywhere where carp can be found, it would only be my angling skill and not the bait that would let me down. In fact, I've caught a number of carp on it since!

The Remedy came to me recommended by a visitor to Anglers' Net and I thoroughly recommend it to you.

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Tight Lines (and you will have with this bait!),



The proof of the pudding is in the eating...this pb mirror of 26lb 8oz was the second fish taken by Elton on The Remedy
The proof of the pudding is in the eating...this pb mirror of 26lb 8oz was the second fish taken by Elton on The Remedy