Tackle And Bait Reviews

The Zilo Smell Killer

Now and then we see things for sale that are ludicrous. If we're lucky, a foolhardy friend may have even purchased one, in which case we can ‘give it a go' without having to be the one that paid money for it! I was lucky, I was sent such an item for review¦ When Kevin

Masterline Mister Muskie Spoons

There are very few large spoons on the market today. Up to about 3½" you’re spoilt for choice; above 4" and there’s almost nothing. As a confirmed fan of spoons, I find this a great shame, especially as many reservoirs insist on 5" plus lures to protect their trout stocks. Masterline have therefore helped to

Gold Label Pro Gold Line

For over 30 years I'd been a fan of Maxima, and more latterly the seemingly identical Drennan Specimen Plus, as the reel line for most of my fishing. I tried umpteen other brands during this period but always went back to "Old Faithful". However, all that's now changed - I've at last found something that

DAM Futura 630 Reel

As some of you will be aware, I've been a fan of DAM reels for many years, and in fact bought my first one in Germany as a teenager in the 60s. When I received the latest DAM catalogue, the Futura 600 series immediately caught my eye. I'd been looking for a reel to match

Sillybait Pellets & Groundbait

For the last couple of months I've been trying out these two items from Sillybait. Unfortunately, during this period we've also seen the wettest November in living history, with rivers and lakes overflowing and the water temperatures dropping daily. Not the ideal time to go fishing. For these tests I tended to fish two rods,