TFG Specimen Landing Net (32inch)

Me and landing nets don't get on! Rarely a season goes by without me having to buy a replacement! In the past couple of years I've lost 2 to rodents, ripped one on a barbed wire fence and got through 3 telescopic handles (all trodden on). So I shouldn't have been surprised when sorting out my tackle at the beginning of this season to discover that my 30in round landing net was missing. I'd fished into the dark on the last day of the season – and as it was wet and smelly, I remember thinking that it would be the last thing I'd put into the car – except I completely forgot and drove off without it! Doh!

tfg_32_2_893002713.jpgIt goes without saying that given the above I'm not looking to spend a lot of money on a landing net, yet some prices – especially for specimen nets appear ludicrous - £139 for a landing net anyone?? - quite a few anglers would baulk at spending that sort of money on a rod! Anyways – with this season just a few days a way I was net-less – I needed a replacement and quickly. Cue a visit to I prefer round to triangular nets and the TFG 32 inch Specimen Net quickly caught my eye. It was cheap (a penny under 20quid), came with it's own carry/stink bag, plus Tacklebargains threw in a ½price landing net handle (which, actually, I didn't need). I ordered and the web site's excellent service meant I had my net before the 16th June.

The net is constructed with a lightweight aluminium frame and fish friendly soft, olive mesh. 32 inches is ample for my style of fishing – it has comfortably landed mid-double carp and 10lb+ pike this season already. It is a little too big for really fast flowing stretches of river – where you would need a bigger mesh for a net this size to be able to control it in the fast flow – so not a net I take to the Test or Itchen.

My mate Paul saw mine back in June – and promptly ordered one for himself – with the ½price handle – which I have to say is sturdy and good value.

The stink bag is a great idea – stops you having a smelly wet net on the back seat of the car – and because it is ventilated you can hang a wet net up in its bag and it will still dry.

The stink bag also stops the net from snagging in bushes/fences on your way to your swim! I do have a couple of quibbles with it, however. The zip construction is a little flimsy – I managed to snap the zip tag the second time I used it, also the bag is a little too snug for the net – you have to be very careful when zipping the bag up not to catch the netting in the teeth of the zipper. These ARE minor points – and the next time I'm looking for a landing net I'll be buying another one of these!

For more information on pricing and availability, click here.