Tuff Stuff Extreme Work Trousers

On my list of fishing items I simply could not do without, my Tuff Stuff Extreme Work Trousers are right up there with the best of them. I purchased two pairs about eight years ago and they are both still going strong today, without so much as a rip, tear, fray, shrink or stretch – despite wearing them almost every single day when I’m in the office, out working on the water or away fishing.

Words like “durable”, “bombproof”, and “hardwearing” just don’t come close. In fact, I’m honestly struggling to come up with words to describe just how good these trousers really are. Running various waters and fishing at least twice a week, you can imagine some of the situations and scrapes these trousers have been in – and yet every single time out of the wash they are like new again...

Tuff Stuff Extreme Work TrousersIt’s not just that they are work trousers either. I’ve owned many garments from other work wear suppliers and most don’t last beyond a year - it’s just that these are pretty much indestructible. I can only liken them to the Toyota Hilux Jeremy Clarkson and the team continually tried to kill on Top Gear a few years back. In the same way that they managed to get it going after it dropped 23-storeys off a demolished block of flats, I’m convinced that if a pair of Tuff Stuff Extreme Work Trousers had been placed on top of the cab, you could have just picked them up, dusted them off, put them on and gone about your business as normal!

The secret of their success is the fabrics used and the way they have been stitched together. The full body of the trousers is manufactured using an incredibly hardwearing Poly/Cotton Canvas Fabric, which does not shrink or stretch – mine must have been washed over 1500 times and they are exactly the same size as they were when I bought them. What’s held them together through every wash is the heavy duty triple-stitching along all major seams. There’s, literally, not been one pull or stitch out of place in all the years I’ve been wearing them. Best of all, though, is the Cordura trim attached to all the main areas of wear; the whole of the knee section and hems have this extra Cordura layer and the level of durability in these areas is beyond belief.

As you’d expect with a work trouser, there’s all sorts of pockets back and front, which are ideal from an angling point of view, and they take slide in knee protectors which again are ideal if you like to do a bit of stalking or you just want to protect your knees when out on the bank setting up.

They are available in a range of regular and long sizes from 28”- 44” in Navy, Stone or Black. They retail for £25.50 per pair though I’ve seen them on eBay for £23.95 on Buy It Now – CLICK HERE -  or on auction starting at just £12.00 per pair – CLICK HERE!!

The only thing I can say is buy some, it will be one of the best investments you ever make.

Julian Grattidge
March 2013

Tuff Stuff Extreme Work Trousers