Zero 360 Wireless Bite Alarm Set, £50

I started carp fishing about two years ago and after dabbling in the beginning, I soon found myself well and truly bitten by the bug. I loved it!

Bit by bit I upgraded my kit – matching rods and reels, bivvy, bedchair etc – but I was still making do with a very cheap set of bite alarms that began to play up. Time for some new ones.

A quick search around the ‘net revealed that most three alarm packages were very expensive – certainly more than my budget. But then I came across the Zero 360 set, which promised three alarms and a wireless receiver….all for just £50. Too good to be true?

Zero 360 Wireless Bite Alarm SetI’ll be honest, those were my thoughts, too. However, on arrival my fears were dispelled – in fact I had to double check the box to make sure I hadn’t been sent a different, more expensive, set by mistake.

The alarms look ultra-stylish (perfect for a tackle tart like myself!) and are finished in a black rubberised material that oozes class.

All the functions – sensitivity, tone, volume and the night light – are extremely easy to use and you can even change the colour of the lights by swapping the small plastic ears from blue, green, red or luminous yellow.

The receiver is also extremely well finished and has a volume control, as well as a latching light that indicates which rod has had the bite.

All in all, I am delighted with them – especially so because my set-up isn’t just matching, it looks the business too!

To order, CLICK HERE.