Carp Rigs

Silt Rig for Carp

The Silt rig is basically a Helicopter rig in it’s make up, the only difference being that the rubber bead is slid up the anti-tangle tubing or lead-core to the depth of the silt that you are fishing in. In doing this the hook-link isn’t pulled into the silt burying the hook-bait. To find out

Simple Braid Rig for Carp

Sometimes, simple is the best...

Surface Rig (with controller float) for Carp

How To Surface Fish For Carp

Semi-Fixed Running Rig

Carp Fishing Rig Advice

Inline Safety Lead for Carp

Made by Fox this inline system will allow the lead to detach itself when snagged. On purchasing this set-up, make sure that the insert can slide through the inner bore of the lead to ease discharge. The slit which runs down the side of the lead can be opened up with a screw driver to