Carp Rigs

Hinged Pop-Up Stiff Rig for Carp

This rig is an adaptation of the Terry Hearn 'Hinged, Pop-up, Stiff rig'. The rig shown has used swivels with attached rings rather than tied loops and has 'Heavy metal' putty to add additional weight to the swivel for holding down a buoyant bait. This rig is particularly difficult for the carp to eject and

CV Safety Rig

Here is the original rig that I used to use. At the time I was fishing the Valley waters a lot and the "helicopter"rig was the in thing for long range work. I was disturbed by the number of "crack offs" and "cut offs" people were getting. All the other rigs would not allow the

Helicopter Rig for Carp

The Helicopter rig was originally used for sea fishing and later adapted for carp fishing because of its anti-tangle properties. The rig was named the helicopter rig after its helicopter blade like motion in flight. The baited hook-link rotates about the main-line axis by the use of the loose fitting hook-link swivel, usually on anti-tangle

Silt Rig for Carp

The Silt rig is basically a Helicopter rig in it’s make up, the only difference being that the rubber bead is slid up the anti-tangle tubing or lead-core to the depth of the silt that you are fishing in. In doing this the hook-link isn’t pulled into the silt burying the hook-bait. To find out

Simple Braid Rig for Carp

Sometimes, simple is the best...