Pike Rigs

Drift Rig for Pike

Drift fishing for pike allows a dead or live bait to be presented to areas unreachable from a standard ledger cast, and the method allows the bait to be carried on the wind at distances well over a hundred yards. In order to use the method successfully it helps to check the depth and clarity

Free Running Sunken Paternoster Rig for Pike

Despite the tremendous success I have had with the standard Sunken Pat Rig it does have one problem; when a Pike takes, it has to drag around the float and bomb! This doesn’t normally cause a problem but on heavily fished waters and at the back end of the season on many waters dropped runs

Popped Up Deadbait Rig

You will all know about the advantages of popping up your bait but this is my chosen method. The curtain ring makes the rig quite free running and as well as being a good stop the cork ball helps keep the ring out of any bottom debris.   I prefer to fish my popped up