Grosley sur Risle consists of two lakes of 25 & 9 acres.  They are well established and mature and sit just 1½ hours from the Caen ferry port.  Before being turned into a carp fishery it was a leisure park, so the facilities are very good.  It’s now under new ownership having been recently purchased by Eric Touzé who is determined to create a first class carp fishery.

To this end we’ve just had the news and photos in from Eric that a stocking of new carp went ahead as planned just before Christmas to supplement the existing stock.

On the 23rd of December, 2008, a total of 290 mirror and common carp were introduced to the venue. These were split over the two lakes with 130 fish stocked to the small lake and 160 into the large lake.

The average size of the fish was 23lb and the batch included 28 fish over 30lb, of which 12 went into the small lake. The largest specimen was a superb mirror of nearly 45lb.

This huge influx of carp will give every chance that next years anglers should be in for some excellent catches.

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Grosley sur Risle
Grosley sur Risle
Grosley sur Risle
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