Making your own boilies is easier than you think

Have you ever wanted to make your own boilies but been unsure where to begin?  There are lots of specialist bait making ingredients out there from several different companies and yes, you can make a bait that is healthier for the fish, lets the fish digest the goodies easier, makes the fish want to eat the bait over long periods of time, etc. (Please be aware photos include an extra ingredient which is Haith's CLO)

However, if you just want to have a go at making your own boilies you can actually go to your local supermarket and get ingredients to make boilies!!  You will need semolina, gram flour, milk powder, corn grit, milkshake powder, eggs and flavouring for a nice basic boilie that is easy to make and that once you are confident in making you can expand on and add new and exciting ingredients.

So, you have the ingredients but what do you need in the way of equipment?  Well you are going to need a mixing bowl, a saucepan, some water and then you have a choice of either rolling the baits by hand or you can get a rolling table and sausage gun.  You can pick up combinations of sausage guns and rolling tables easily enough from eBay for about £20 here is an eBay link to just one combination

You now have everything you need to have a go at making your own bait!!

The first thing to do is measure out the dry ingredients (for convenience it is easiest to transfer the dry ingredients to a large airtight container with lid after measuring) and a nice simple recipe is…

250g semolina

250g gram flour

100g milk powder

25g corn grit

25g strawberry milkshake powder

6-8 chicken eggs

5ml flavouring such as strawberry

Measure the dry ingredients out into your airtight container, put the lid on and give them a good shake to mix everything together and set them to one side.

In the mixing bowl add the eggs (you may have notice that there is an option of how many eggs to the recipe, this is because eggs are never all the same size so it may be slightly different in the liquid amount required) and the flavouring and give them a gentle whisk to mix everything together without adding too much air to the eggs.

Slowly start adding the mixed dry ingredients to your wet ingredients stirring with a fork until you start to get a doughy texture.  Now use your hands to mix in more of the dry mixture until you end up with a dough that resembles slightly damp playdough.

Transfer the dough to your sausage gun if you purchased one (it makes this bit so much easier), make sure that the nozzle on your sausage gun is 2mm smaller than the rolling table you are using.  For example if you are using a 20mm rolling table you will want your sausage gun nozzle to be 18mm.

Squeeze out the sausages of your boilie mix to just shorter than your rolling table and roll them out on the rolling table, you only need to move the rolling table back and forth about 4-5 times to get nice round boilie.

Make sure your saucepan of water is nice and boiling and then add around 30 boilies at a time so that the water doesn’t come off the boil.  Allow the baits to boil for 60-90 seconds and then transfer to something like a plastic mushroom tray (should be able to get these from the local greengrocer for free if you have a nice greengrocer) and allow to airdry for 24 hours.

That’s it your bait is ready and you can now either freeze the baits until ready to use or go and give them a go.

One final thing that you can do is create yourself a dip/glug this is done very easily by using...

70% glycerine

20% corn syrup

10% flavourings