Carp Fishing Articles

Underwater video with the Ginger Fisherman

There are some great anglers out there who produce some brilliant material for anglers to view.  One such angler is The Ginger Fisherman who has made this superb underwater video of how commercial carp react to your bait. It's a brilliant watch so when you have a bit of spare time give it a watch.

Kev Parkes catches a 30lber on his own bait

With working some strange hours of the last few days my fishing as been hit and miss. But the carp gods looked down on me and gave me a red letter day. Trying out one of our own test baits (Kev and Ruth make their own baits) called the the monkey in conjunction with size

Carp fishing with potatoes

Before the invention of the boilie potatoes were used as a brilliant carp catching bait whether it was Bob Nudd using his gravy and coffee potato pellets to potato groundbait. In this Youtube video Graeme Pullen fished at Bury Hill Fisheries in Surrey and shows you how to prepare, hook and even catch fish using

Colne Valley team member Paul catches a PB 50lber

Colne Valley team member Paul has been fishing on a Kent water recently and has been having a very nice week catching himself some very nice mirror carp of 21lb 4oz and 31lb 8oz, he unfortunately lost a larger fish early on in the week too. Paul has gone on to catch himself a new

Solar Tackle’s Dutch and Belgian team catch report

Two Of The Lake's Big 'Uns In Tricky Conditions! Solar Tackle’s Dutch team member Dennis de Wilde and Belgian team member Ignace de Roeck have triumphed on a Belgian syndicate water in some tough conditions using Solar’s TunaMino boilies, landed to mid 40lb sought-after residents: Dennis explains: I’ve just returned from a 3-night session on